Joining GCI


If you are within the borders of South Africa, GCI shareholders and management would like to extend this invitation to you who want to take charge of your socio-economic situation, you who is mindful of what you will leave behind for your children’s children as inheritance, you who want to cooperate with others in pursuing generational wealth through identifying assets that can be converted into bankable and profitable ventures.


The Cooperative Bank Act 40 of 2007 requires that cooperators be equal in contribution and decision-making, hence GCI is making it easy for you to make your contribution:

2.1. You can make your once-off R13.5k if able and thereafter continue with the R1000 monthly contribution, or

2.2. You work out your monthly contribution in such a manner that you will have finished or equalized your two years contribution by the end of the financial year 31 July 2019. Kindly note that contributions are made in multiple of R1000 except the R500 joining fee.


In a country with estimated population of 58 million, it should be possible to find more than 200 people who are truly and genuinely determined to take charge of their lives and radically transform their family’s generational economic status. EACB reported in 2016 that one in every six European belong to a cooperative. Don’t delay, you can get in touch with us through this