Global Change Investors, herein referred to as GCI, is a CIPC registered intergenerational wealth-creating and investment company incorporated on the 08 August 2017. Nine (9) members of the board of directors run GCI on a voluntary basis.

Adherence to company regulatory framework comprising of Memorandum of Incorporation
(MoI), constitution, shareholders and board resolutions, minutes of shareholders and board meetings, notices of meetings, etc. has engendered respect and unity amongst shareholders. Quarterly
shareholders meetings have brought about much-needed accountability, communication and reporting of both company finances and operational activities.

GCI investment opportunities include but not limited to property, primary agriculture (vegetable
production), agro-processing (manufacturing), microlending and retailing. Ringfencing of maturing business opportunities into a registered entity bring forth focus and dedication to the collective efforts. A 4ha land has been bought for GCI subsidiary – GCI Property Developers (Pty) Ltd and is being evaluated for its suitability for commercial pig farming. The 2018/2019 Audited Financial Statements (AFS) confirmed that over R700K has been contributed to date by current GCI shareholders.


Lead investment and inter-generational wealth creation across Africa and beyond


Build visionary leaders from within the collective to become global change ambassadors that will be eradicating lack in generations to come.


Seek and build internal, investment knowledge , Ensure sound governance and investment decision,Respect and recognise our unity in diversity,Transparency in all our business dealings
and Diligence


Agriculture and Agroprocessing

GCI intends using its Bela Bela farm to pursue mixed farming comprising of piggery and vegetable production. Value addition is central to this mixed farming business.
Borehole wate availability has been tested and is sufficient for bankable animal husbandry and vegatable production.


GCI Shareholders are entrepreneurs in their own space, hence access to reliable and sustainable funding remains a daunting challenge. Registering a microlending business is critically important to satisfy their personal and entrepreneurial financial needs of sjateholders.

Prospective Cooperative Banking

GCI Shareholders resolved to broaden the participation of Africans in the pursuit of intergenerational wealth-creating opportunities. cooperative financial insttition cum cooperative banking registration became the modest vehicle to bring forth the resolution.  Members mobilisation is in fulll swing guided by the 7 cooperative principles.

GCI Property Developers

GCI Property Developers is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GCI primarily focusing on purchase and development of land into residential, commercial and office properties.  The quality and location of the land will inform the development to be undertaken.

GCI Investment Company

It is a simple process comprising of payments of R500 once-off non-refundable joining fee and a monthly contribution of either R1000 and/or R500 respectively. New shareholders can choose one of the three-tier contribution systems depending on their financial capabilities:

New shareholders can join the R1000 monthly contributors who started with the company and contribute R23500 by the second financial year-end.

New shareholders can contribute the R1000 monthly starting at the beginning of the 2nd financial year and contribute R12500 to its ends, the R500 being the joining fee.

New shareholders can contribute R500 monthly starting with the beginning of the 2nd financial year and contribute R6500 to its ends; the R500 is the joining fee.

New shareholders can contribute R500 monthly starting with the beginning of the 2nd financial year and contribute R6500 to its ends; the R500 is the joining fee.To ease the contribution calculation, new shareholders will need to familiarize themselves with GCI’ financial year ends, i.e. 31st July. The 1st financial year was on the 31st July 2018 whereas the 2nd financial year was 31st July 2019. The 2nd AGM affirmed the three-tier contribution system.

It is worth noting that new shareholders do not necessarily have to make once-off payment of lump sum into a designated FNB bank account, they are encouraged to pay on a monthly basis to ease the tight cash flow burden which most small business owners are daily facing.

GCI Investment Banking details are as follows: Global Change Investors, FNB Carlswald, Acc No: 62716737400, Code: 250655, Reference: Your full name

Upon receipt of your payment of the R500.00 non-refundable joining fee, a digital membership form will be forwarded to you to complete and return back without delay. The receipt of the completed form will trigger the allocation of the unique reference number that you will need to use in your second and subsequent payments into this account dedicated investment account.

GCI Cooperative Banking Initiative

The 1st GCI AGM held in Midrand on the 22nd September 2018 resolved to establish a cooperative financial institution (CFI) cum cooperative bank (CB) in terms of the Cooperative Bank Act 40 of 2007.

The 2nd GCI AGM held at Midrand on the 30th November urged directors to implement an effective awareness creation campaign underpinned by intergenerational wealth creation.

Prospective cooperative bankers join GCI gearing their individual and collective efforts to the pursuit of intergenerational wealth-creating opportunities thereby satisfying their personal and business financial needs.

Once GCI members reaches 200 with a share capital of R100K, submission of requisite registration documents unfolds with SARB Prudential Authority.

Prospective members pay a non-refundable joining fee of R250.00 followed by R500.00 for ten (10) mandatory shares. Payment can be made once or monthly over a period of 3 months totaling R750.00. Prospective bank shareholders commits to paying R250 monthly into an intergenerational wealth-creating investment fund.

Payment gets effected into this designated banking details – Global Change Investors, FNB Carlswald, 62839559608, Amount: R250 or R500 or R750, Ref: Cellphone plus surname with initials.


Whatever it takes, we will do.

Intergenerational Wealth Fund Promotion

Intentionality underpins intergenerational wealth fund existence within GCI. It should be possible for current generation to create wealth for future generations.

Intergenerational wealth fund is the backbone for the establishment of cooperative enterprises capable of driving sustainable and alternative value chains for members and shareholders benefits.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Genuine economic empowerment and financial inclusion for blacks and Africans in particular remain a contested space that requires continuous engagement and strategic direction.

GCI Board, Executives and shareholders shall in partnership with like-minded enterprises advocates for fruit-bearing economic empowerment and financial inclusive processes.

Generational Wealth Training

Understanding of generational wealth remains a mystery for many people, hence training of members, shareholders and the prospective is central to the sustenance of GCI enterprises and associated ventures.

SMME & Coop Funding Mobilisation

Funding opportunities for small businesses and cooperatives are increasing given the centrality of small business ventures in the creation and development of jobs and economic development for the majority

GCI Shareholders, Board and Executives shall enroll and channel available and prospective funding opportunities primarily to GCI members, GCI members’ enterprises and their networks

Small Business Compliance Support

Access to government small business support is anchored on up-to-date enterprise regulatory compliance associated with the sector and industries within which the small business operates. Regulatory compliant SMMEs and Cooperatives are better positioned to to accessing government grants and incentives without serious hurdles.

GCI has enrolled expert compliance team to support small business in their regulatory compliance endevours

GCI Kids Reading-for-Purpose

Generational thought processes emanates from knowledge and understanding generated from purposeful and directed reading that GCI Kids will be undertaking.

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